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Diana | Professional Makeup Artist

{ Servicing South Jersey, Linwood, Cape May, Atlantic City areas }

International Makeup Artist, Diana Bright has serviced the Photography, Video and Fashion Industry for over 15 years. Her diverse media clientele include various fashion photographers, advertising agencies, PR firms and production companies.

Starting her career as a makeup artist back in 1986, Diana began as a Regional Makeup Artist with Lancome Cosmetics. After 8 years she entered into the fashion and Photography industry while studying with critically acclaimed celebrity makeup artist and author, Rex Hilverdink in NYC. Her technique is the "Rex way" as she insists "There is no magic, just a systematic approach to viewing the face in thirds-much like an architect viewing a drawing." Of course a little artistic flair doesn't hurt as well!

Sharing her knowledge and expertise with those that she transforms is her way of giving back. "It is important to me to know that I have been able to offer something to those that I touch." Whether it be a special technique or makeup tip, I like knowing that when one walks away from me, they can take a little something new with them."

Having most recently taken a hiatus and returning back to the beauty industry, Diana has continued to stay current with training from Lia Schoor Institute in NYC as well as other industry-related workshops. Diana has worked with some of the regions most well known photographers. She specializes in Beauty, Photography/Video as well as Black + White headshot makeup.

AtlanticCare Commercial: Airbrush Makeup by Diana

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Red Square Commercial: Airbrush Makeup by Diana

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